Desenvolvido para quem ama viajar e desafiar os próprios sentidos

Developed for those who love to travel and challenge their own senses

Developed for those who love to travel and challenge their own senses!

Portugal is one of the most desired destinations at the moment by Brazilians for its beautiful landscapes, its charming and refined bars and concert halls, for its rich architecture and of course, for its delicious cuisine! If you are planning your next trip, it is worth considering Cooking in Portugal, which guarantees you much more than a simple tourist experience, but also acquires cultural and, mainly, gastronomic knowledge. There are seven days full of activities selected for their authenticity with a program that allows you to discover all the charms and beauties of the northern region of Portugal, always accompanied by exclusive gastronomic activities. Actions ranging from workshops, showcookings with renowned Chefs, to exclusive wine and olive oil tastings with specialists in the area. All this without forgetting to taste all the delicacies in the most renowned restaurants in the region, as well as cultural visits in privileged places of the historic and emblematic cities of the region of Porto and North of Portugal. At the end of a delicious day full of flavor and knowledge, nothing better than a good rest in a luxurious hotel. The executive director of Cooking in Portugal, Victor Barros, explained that the program was planned for selected groups of a maximum of twelve people. “We guarantee exclusive care for each of the participants”, he reveals, adding that it is a unique and incomparable activity, where it is possible to make a fusion of knowledge with the most delicious flavors that your palate has ever experienced. 'In this program all the senses are challenged, from touch to smell, manipulating typical ingredients of Portuguese cuisine and appreciating the most different aromas and flavors that gastronomy can achieve”, he adds. The 6th edition of Cooking in Portugal took place from November 11 to 17, 2018 (with the possibility of creating personalized dates for closed groups). Participants earn a 40-hour gastronomic training certificate, and have an 'all inclusive' system, that is, all gastronomic, cultural experiences (including fado festivals), accommodation and land travel are included in the package.

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