O Crítico Gastronômico a ser Destaque em Portugal

Victor Barros Jataiense food critic in Portugal

Victor Barros, Executive Director of Cooking in Portugal and International Curator of the Cooking Experience, graduated in Informatics, with a master's degree from USP and moved to Portugal to study his doctorate, where he ended up becoming an assistant professor at the University of Minho. His hobby is gastronomy, which began in childhood, with the influence of his family, which made it possible for him to enjoy restaurants and dishes throughout Brazil and around the world, making possible all the excellent work he has done so much in gastronomic experiences. , having its main project idealized and started in 2015, Cooking in Portugal (today with more than 11 editions), a tourist, gastronomic and cultural experience in the north of Portugal, in which the gastronomic critic transmits a little of his experience and passion for cooking portuguese. And there have also been major digital projects such as the gastronomic challenge around the world and on digital platforms that bring together partners from all over the world, contributing to the dissemination of cuisine with ventures based on this theme. Victor, has already visited more than 150 restaurants and had several experiences throughout Portugal and also collected numerous gastronomic experiences in about 32 other countries, visiting about 450 restaurants, of all levels, tastes and customs.

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