Oliva & CO – Porto, Portugal

Oliva & CO – Porto, Portugal

A olive & co is a store specializing in products from the olive tree. Therefore, it has a wide variety of olive oils from national producers from different regions of the famous Portuguese “terrinha” (Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Beiras, Ribatejo and Alentejo). Here you can also find canned fish and vegetables, cheeses and sausages in olive oil, various sweets with olive oil (biscuits, biscuits, almonds, cakes, pudding, chocolate), various types of simple bread, olives among others, with a wide range of flavors unforgettable. The products are national and guess which item is absolutely missing: olive oil . A huge variety of oils in the most varied forms, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil-based cosmetics, olive oil confectionery, canned fish, vegetables, cheeses and sausages in olive oil,

The store promotes a set of initiatives, initiatives that aim to value and allow the sector to be better explored. “What we want is to hear about Portuguese olive oil”. There is also a direct relationship with the producers, in this way it is always possible to taste the oil from the last harvest of Trás-os-Montes, before choosing a certain brand. There are more than 45 different brands of olive oil on site, with prices ranging from 1.80 euros to 10 euros, 250 milliliter bottles, with several brands on display for sale.

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